6 Responses to “Watch for falling petals”

  1. Ferne Harasimiw

    Well, that will make a lovely season. Lol. You are giving them a gift they will always talk about. You cutie pie! Go get a treat and a hug for that.

    • Gayle

      If he barks at pedals, what would he do to an intruder. Me thinks you got it backwards!

  2. Fred

    My pup Juno looks almost identical! Do you happen to know what breeds are in your pup? Adorable!

    • Marilyn

      Looks like an Australian Cattle Dog! He’s just trying to get those darn petals corralled!

  3. Barbara

    He is protecting you from the petal monster! Emmett is handsome and brilliant; it’s we humans who don’t understand.


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