12 Responses to “Who wants to BBQ?”

  1. Kim

    Yikes! This is why I turn off my gas when I’m not using it. I can see my pups burning down the house!

  2. Ellie

    I can’t believe your fence is melted. Beautiful dog, but he must take a cooking class.

  3. george

    Hey, it’s BBQ……. personally, I’ll drive 100 miles for good BBQ. So I can see this happening.

  4. Doug

    Four legged Pyro-pooch !

    Only play with fire when your supervised by an adult. *Wink*

  5. Johanne

    Dogs and BBQs are a bad combination! So are dogs and electric stoves! Have no count on how many times our dog turned it on before we changed to induction!

  6. Leanna

    oh my goodness! So glad that everyone was ok as this could have been worse!!!

    Just wanted to BBQ!!!!!


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