6 Responses to “With Bare Feet!”

  1. Maris

    I’ve seen that Chihuahua look before. He’s only sorry for the moment…while you’re looking at him. But it was likely most assuredly not really his fault because:
    a) It was cold outside
    b) it was raining
    c) the grass was too long
    d) your timing was bad.

    He really does love you and how can you stay mad at him???

  2. Alex

    If you walk him right before bed time, this will NEVER happen again. A lot of people think Chihuahuas dont need walks…. that only holds true if you like stepping on poop.

  3. nola

    I have 5 of my own dogs and 2 fosters so there is always someone pooping on the floor and we have ALL had a turn to step on something foul in the dark 🙂 its not fun at all but hey, shit sometimes happens 🙂

  4. Sharon Clerc

    The only other thing comparable is stepping in pee in the dark and your pajama bottoms drag through it and get all soaked, so you have to change pj’s in the middle of the night> LOL!


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