9 Responses to “4 AM Barker”

  1. Virginia Bryant

    Do the same thing you can do with a human baby…entertain the little noise maker most of the day, and baby will sleep through the night.

  2. Cathy Hart

    Our 14 year old dog wakes me up every morning at 4:33am to go out. If I don’t get up and let her out, I will be cleaning the carpet that day!!

  3. prettycrabby

    He’s probably not getting enough exercise. Try a long walk before bedtime at night and getting into some puppy play groups. Sleeping all day is a lot.

  4. Kathleen J Wells

    Even if you aren’t able to keep him really active during the day, it will help if you don’t let him nap from, say, 5pm to bedtime. And yes, everyone is right, the most exercise you can possibly give him in that last hour or so before bed.

  5. madisonpage

    Not sure exercise alone before bedtime will calm a puppy down. We have a 14 month old mutt. I walk her for 3 miles before bed time around 9 pm. She comes home more excitable! Runs in circles and chasing our older dog for a good 5 minutes then collapse in exhaustion.


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