14 Responses to “A stethoscope a day keeps the doctor….angry?”

  1. Dexter-and-Romeo-Mommy

    I keep my Littmann Cardiology scope in my dresser drawer… my Dexter gets REALLY mad when I leave the house without him!

  2. doxiemama

    Our dachshund got one of my husband’s Master Cardiology scopes. The good news is you can send it in for tubing replacement at a lesser cost than replacing it……

  3. corgi's rock

    Aw, look at those eyes. He’s sorry your upset dad. He just missed you while you were gone and wanted to be close to you. Maybe it was your yummy ear wax on it. Thats love baby.

  4. LizzyLVT

    Doxiemama, it’s true just replacing the tubing is cheaper, but that diaphragm looks punctured. Wouldn’t be surprised if he ate the bell too.

  5. Angela

    Had similar experience a few years ago, but the felon was my cat. Raymond actually ate more and spent the next three days throwing up pale blue tubing on the carpets!!!


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