12 Responses to “awalk?Ilovewalksohboyohboywalksaremyfavourite!!!”

  1. Andrea

    We have to use all sorts of codes to say we are going on a walk. We say things like “I’m going to take the canine for a promenade.” If was say “walk” or “dog” chaos breaks out!! We have to creep ninja-like into the laundry room and try to silently remove the leash from the hook…

    • Dana

      I’ve not had to do that yet with my dog, but for one of my sister’s dogs, the word OUT caused mass chaos! We had to start saying o-u-t, until he caught on to that one, and we spelled it t-u-o. Too smart for our own good!

    • Amy

      Oh my god, we are SO going to say “I’m going to take the canine for a promenade” from now on. Our GSD goes INSANE if we say the words “walk” or “dog park”. He starts squealing and barking. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Lies

    It is so recognizable! Our dog, Nana, goes completely bananas, even when I change shoes, and take my coat. She doesn’t seem to understand that there are other things to do, then going for a walk ;o) She keeps on running in rounds, trying to catch her tail, and follows me as I get her leash. I try to keep still, with the leash, otherwise she would take it in her mouth and try to pull me, opposite roleplay:o) I always try to calm her down, she reacts so extremely nervous! Even when i send her to her bed, before putting her on the leash, she’s shaking all over from excitement! I wonder if there are other dogs who react this extreme?


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