9 Responses to “Bad Princess!”


    Don’t worry, you will get it all back in the end !
    Plus, it will be an adventure explaining it to the bank teller.

  2. JP

    Uh a Beagle! They will eat just about anything. I know from living with one for 12 years. NEVER a dull moment.Enjoy!

  3. Nay

    Princess, I’m digging the tiara look but your facial expression is MORE priceless. Hahaa

  4. Doug

    Beagles *NEVER* eat anything .. Why are you trying to shame this poor innocent puppy.

    Oh Wait .. you said Beagle .. NEVER MIND ..

    *Tries to take the half eaten tv remove from the beagle .. AGAIN*
    (Mine’s on his 3 remote now-hehe)

  5. Claire

    Don’t toss the torn money. It’s still money, and you can get at least 50% of it back from the Feds. Try your bank firs though, they’ll know all about it. : )


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