19 Responses to “Doggy yard sale”

  1. sue brightman

    Possession is nine tenths of the law Dodger so I don’t know how your humans can say it isn’t yours. However, not sure the pink spotty bra would suit you so you might just want to give that back 🙂

  2. tj4ever

    My parents’ dog does this. One year they had to go search out gift cards that were Christmas presents. The best was when my nephew (who was crawling at the time and BFF with the dog) tried to go out the doggie door with her.

  3. Juls

    My old dog, Kona, used to do exactly that when she wasn’t happy about something! When my mom came to stay a few days, we found her nightgown in the backyard, courtesy of Kona. (Mom was unamused – had to buy her a new nightie!)

  4. Carolyn

    My dogs have done this too. I’ve found missing credit cards, a bar of soap, Homer Simpson slippers, etc. But I have a friend whose Lab grabbed the sofa cushions and dragged them outside through the dog door, on a wet and rainy day. Makes Dodger not look so bad…

  5. Andrea

    I had a foster dog once who did this! He carried his “loot” and piled it up in the den. He never chewed a thing… never… just piled it up.

  6. Amber

    You have my Dodger! LMAO! I had to do a double take because my Dodge is a black and tan kelpie that looks like just that!

  7. Brad

    My beagle did this all the time as a puppy. One day I saw my wallet a few feet away from the door. Fresh out of the shower. It was 6am. I thought, I can get it. Walk out real fast, and….. hey neighbour, what are you doing up so early? lol….

  8. Valerie

    Ummmmm…now I am wondering though…..just WHO got the $$money$$ from the ‘yard sale’….doggie bank account or the rightful owners?????


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