143 Responses to “Enter our Dog Shaming Caption Contest, win signed copies of the book!”

  1. Elaine Horst

    I ate my antlers. It’s not fair that I always have to be the reindeer just because I’m brown! Why can’t I be an elf for once?

  2. bonny

    Darryl has always dreamt of becoming a customer service elf, but he just does not have the personality, looks or brains of Curly, Mo or Larry.

    So, it’s the shipping department for him.

    Okay, if we’re honest…it’s the _recycling division_ of the shipping department for him.

  3. Chris S

    I told them this picture was for a humane society fundraising calendar. Trust me. They had it coming.

  4. Doug

    A) *Mumble* B) WOOF C) WOOF D) woof

    A) Can’t Talk – I have a sign in my mouth
    B) I’m SantaPaws’ Helpper
    C) No I am
    D) I hate christmas

  5. Beth

    While you’re busy “oo”-ing and “aw”-ing and the dogs in the stupid hats, I’m digesting your turkey! NO SHAME!

  6. Sunny Tanecka

    Mo is sad. He’s always the last doggie for everything. Why do Eenie, Meenie and Miney get to have all of the fun?

  7. Elizabeth Loesch

    Help. I’m condemned to community service as Santa’s helper – just because one of these idiots threw-up on him when we went to get our picture taken. I only ate my hat; I’m not ashamed; I should be a reindeer.

  8. Allison Lane

    I ate all the chocolate. I thought I was Willie Wonka & they were the Oompa Loompas!

  9. Leslin

    “Free dogs to good homes-will wear hats and smile” (adopt soon, so I can have their share of Thanksgiving Turkey and Christmas presents and cake all to myself!)

  10. Kirsten R.

    “We are Santa’s Helpers!…. No, wait! Did you say “Helper”? You mean we were supposed to give away the gifts instead of opening them?”

  11. AveryAnnae

    “I think this is a better color for me… Do you think you could make a hat out of this, Mummy?”

  12. Craig Ruff

    My stepmother always makes me stay home and clean while my stepsisters get to go to the holiday ball.

    • Heather

      oops, that should have been my brother Darryl, my other brother Darryl, and my other brother Darryl. (That’s from the Newhart Show for you younguns)

  13. Nemo

    I didn’t know it was SANTA’S copier machine! This should teach me not to jump up on office equipment when elves are using it.

  14. Nancy

    Hughie opened the presents while elves Louie, Stewie amd Fred watched. Alas, no dog treats in any of them, but Aunt Gladys wrapped up her cat again.

  15. Vicki Clark

    Having flunked out of Lab Elf Training, Bob is forced to make ends meet as a UPS delivery dog.

  16. Pinta's People

    UV light required to read my o-pee-on-ated comment on the foolish looking dogs to my left

  17. Gayle C

    On the Third Day of Christmas my true love gave to me….3 retrieving elves to go after those 3 french hens that got away!

  18. Caroline

    I refuse to cave and wear the stupid hat for the Christmas card picture. It’ll be fun they said…just for a minute they said…Last year I had to wear it all day…Bah Humbug.

  19. Kathy

    We ate the naughty list! Now our names must be on the nice list. George is just waiting for someone to fill in our dogshaming sign.

  20. Stormyyskyy

    On the fourth day of Christmas, my master gave to me: four Newfoundlands, three dunce hats, two shredded presents, and a backyard full of dog poo.

  21. Janie

    The one that’s laughing? He did it! The one that’s smiling? She encouraged him! The one that’s looking embarrassed? Well, I think he just farted!

  22. Matt

    Dog owner’s proverb #74: Fool me once by stealing food off the table, then shame on you. Fool me twice…then dress you up in embarrassing costumes and publicly shame you.


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