10 Responses to “Holy Fleece Blanket, Batman!”

    • Stressfactor

      My Rat Terrier ruined three fleece blankets this way too. Nice to know she’s not the only ‘fleece killer’ out there.

  1. Sadie Powell

    My JRT likes to hide hia bone “accidentallt” under the fleece blanket and chew. But when left to his own resources, he will just chew sans blanket. I had to throw away the last one!/

  2. Dana

    Mine does that with his own fleece blankets as well as a sheet that goes on his bed. This is a top sheet that fell off the top of our bed (while folded after laundry) and on to Max’s bed, so he promptly claimed it by nesting. It has bite-sized holes like this, so I totally feel your pain 🙂


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