23 Responses to “I ran you a bath, then tested the temperature.”

  1. Leslin

    He looks darling in that towel and that pose!!! 😀 I agree with Valerie; you are lucky to have a guy who likes baths, although running in the house sopping wet is another matter altogether 😛

  2. anon

    Why dog would have to dragged into a bath full of water. At least Riggs makes bath time easier.

    • Candy

      My lab mix is the same, sorta. She loves he water, just not BATH water.. Hehe we say the word to mess with her and her ears go down

      • Leslin

        Lol 😀 I had a pomeranian who would go hide under the sofa when we thought-just “thought” of giving her a bath!! 😀

      • Juls

        Mary, If I try to let Bear out the patio door when it’s sprinkling, he will give me a look of disdain – and head to the front door. I guess he figures it’s not raining out the FRONT door!

        • Ana Clara

          When it’s pouring rain my dogs do the same. They run from one door to the other as if it was a parallel universe where is not raining. So funny!

    • LauraLu

      Haha. My lab mix is terrified of water! When it’s bath time he nudges the water down the drain with his snout!

    • Carolyn

      Love the guilty “ears down”. I have a Heeler mix that looks exactly like that when she’s guilty! Bless his heart, Riggs was trying to be soooooo helpful! Lol!


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