12 Responses to “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it!”

    • Tony

      We have a Jack Russel, appropriately named Moxie, lady at home who does this. I laugh when I see her move in on my husband’s spot.

  1. eldochamp

    My in-laws had a dog that would beg to go outside. When someone got up to let him out, he would run and get their chair. Nothing would budge him then.

  2. JP

    I can relate. My 45lb Basset Hound (yes svelt for his breed) does this. It is hilarious to watch

  3. Mr. Bawkbagawk

    Gwen, my American Bulldog has her own twist on this behavior. if you leave a pillow or blanket on “her” couch she will be laying on it when you come back. it is impressive how small a 70 lb dog can curl up.

  4. April

    My Bassett and greyhound both do this. Emma begs to go out till the Basset moves and she steals her seat too.

  5. catie

    This appears to be a common issue among dog parents here, glad I’m not alone! My dog is a terrible bed hog, luckily he’s not so bad about the couch 🙂


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