25 Responses to “If you were wondering what ‘smug’ looks like on a dog, look no further.”

  1. Janet

    And until the peasants start buttering my kibble, I shall do it again, and again, and again…

  2. Juls

    Nick, I hate to tell you, but you ain’t the alpha dog in this pack. 🙂 That big beauty is boss.

  3. Shawn

    I don’t see a problem with licking the butter off….at least you didn’t eat the toast! You saved it for Nick!

  4. Mr. Bawkbagawk

    I didn’t think any dog could look as smug and my American Bull. that is enough smug for two cats.

  5. DellaAtlanta

    I believe he was doing it to protect you from cholesterol – he says You’re Welcome 🙂

  6. Doug

    ?! WHAT !? You never had butter with your kibble ? You don’t know what your missing silly humies


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