7 Responses to “Little Bear Strikes Again!”

  1. Aliscia Wood

    When I was little we had two Westies. We spent a few hours arguing over who stole the bacon off the table until we caught one of the little westies in the act a few months later. They did not do it often but it was always pretty amazing when they did. How do little dogs get stuff off the counter/table tops, when there are items nearby to give them a boost?

  2. JAM

    Salami and cream cheese on a bagel, Yesterday. Hubby’s lunch, he pushed it as far back on the counter as he could. Apparently not far enough. NOT HAPPY! hahaha!


    Its the lips, its always the lips.
    They get close as they can, then they stretch their lips to grab on to it.
    Turkey is the ultimate prize.

  4. Steve Bowen

    Our dachsie Skittles learned to push chairs out from under the table to use them to get on the table. We can’t leave anything edible on the table.


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