19 Responses to “Murphy peed on a little girl”

  1. KrisB

    Getting peed on at the dog park is a risk we all take, and it’s happened to me. Comes with the territory…there, there, Murphy!

  2. karen vedra

    Our Yorkie ran out during Trick or Treat. When a little lion picked him up, he dribbled on her cute costume.

  3. Trish

    I would have told her to think of it as an honor! He was marking his territory – he wanted to keep her.

  4. Fishwife

    Greatest face ever! Please, if a little pee is all you get on you at the dog park count yourself lucky.

  5. Nay

    The kid could’ve stepped in worse, Murphy. But perhaps try to control your ‘bits’ better next time. Hahahaaaa

  6. Toni

    Dogs do what dogs do. If you can’t handle a little pee, you need to stick to cats! Murphy is quite the cutie.

  7. Andrea

    He does look incredibly sorry. Maybe he’s just sorry he couldn’t keep the girl to be his friend!!


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