14 Responses to “No walks for this corgi”

  1. Dee Severe

    Have you tried the leather ones? They chew on them, too, but takes them longer to destroy one… πŸ˜‰

  2. Ellie

    LUPINE LEASH, quarenteed to be replaced for life. My dog did the same thing, I was spending a small fortune on leashed. The pet store to me about this leash, she never chewed it and when itl looked worn out they replaced it. The best product ever. Look it up on the internet.

  3. Roo Roos

    A must have for my little pup is her mesh harness. The leash attaches to the loops on the back. She can’t get to the leash at all.

  4. corgi's rock

    Bane is so handsome. There’s no shame in those big brown eye’s. He seems rather pleased with himself. πŸ™‚

  5. Jay Gus

    My Cairn terrier would liberate his Terrier mix brother by chewing through his leash, not his own. What a thoughtful brother!

  6. Castiliana

    I second the LUPINE suggestion. Our vet sells them here, quite reasonably priced and comes in a ton of nice patterns and colours too and all I have to do is bring back the pieces after my Lucy has had a go with the leash and it is replaced for free.

    • Ash

      Lupine, absolutely! Lifetime guarantee even against chewing! I went through two harnesses and leashes when the clerk at the humane society pet store suggested I try Lupine since I’d already spent as much as I would have if I’d gotten one of them the first time.


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