12 Responses to “Nooo! You killed DJ Roomba!”

  1. julie

    Hey all! I’m Maralynn’s mom. She’s a sweet old lady who likes to pee in funny places sometimes (like the bathtub) and fortunately the roomba was salvaged with a careful cleaning. It was just too funny to pass up!

    Ps. You can also find Maralynn in the dogshaming calendar 😀

    • SBM

      Hi!! My dog did the same. But I think my roomba is dead :'( How did you saved ir?


    Maralynn is a brave warrior

    The war to destroy the evil villain DJ Roomba has only just begun.
    Today she peed on it as a test of its strength.
    With a new dawn, the onslaught will commence.
    When she opens her bag of trick’s, all dog-doom will be let loose and she will emerge victorious !

  3. quantakiran

    Cool a villainous piddler. My heroic piddler dog was the late great chow/yellow lab mix Diesel (aka daddy’s dizzy dog). He even had his own theme song (sung to the tune of elvis’ great pretender):
    oh yes, i’m the great piddler doggie wooh, wooh and piddling is what i do really well, wooohoo.

    He was titled The Piddler because his supermutt ability was to make puddles triple his size!

  4. Latasha

    Dear world, my dog Charlie peed on my roomba, and now my roomba has malfunctioned. Any suggestions on how to fix it?


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