21 Responses to “Nugget got banned.”

  1. Ferne Harasimiw

    Oh. I can’t believe it. Lol. I wish I owned a day care, you cutie, we would show them how to have a fun day. You go get a hug and a treat for that.

  2. Heather P.

    My bad boys got banned from doggy daycare too… because the beagle was humping faces, but bared his teeth when he got bum-rushed by too many dogs at once. Bummerpants!

    • Veronica

      I could not help but to “laugh out loud” and clap my hands while reading your post. I’m sorry that they were banned, but thank their Mom for having a sense of humor about it. Humping faces… LOL!

  3. Betty

    Aw! My pooch got banned from the doggie park, so I think Cosmo and Nugget would be the best of friends. Like books, banned doggies are the best.

  4. marcia

    Baxter, my boy boxer got banned from doggy day care as well. Didn’t know he was supposed
    to share the ball. Maybe we need a alternative doggy day car.

  5. Krista

    My rotten Cody, also a Golden, would often get “banned” from doggy day care, but he was fine with it. “Banned” there meant he got to spend the rest of the day hanging out with the groomers, looking out the window, lying in front of the fan and getting treats for simple commands or just for being cute. They adored him. 🙂

  6. Mella Jacobs

    Why? He looks like a big old fluffy lover doggie! I’ll bet he didn’t want to stay at that old doggie day care anyway!

  7. Doug

    Innocent .. ya right .. I bet he was in the Cat’s liter box ! (well .. maybe anyway hehe)

  8. Juls

    Poor Nugget. You can come play with Bear. He just sleeps, er, I mean “guards” all day… 😉

  9. April

    Awwww-what could a doggie with that cute of a face be banned for? Were the other dogs jealous?

  10. ginacentralGina

    You are not a lone Nugget…many dogs are kicked out of those prestigious doggy daycares… We live in hard times my friend. -Oscar the boxer (also a daycare veteran)


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