15 Responses to “Oh so corny”

  1. Rm

    Be glad it was only $500 and it came out. Our sick dog’s unknown corncob came out $4000 later with surgery and part of his intestines. Not happy about the $ but glad our boy was better.

  2. d moore

    My dachsy had this problem, turned out to be a very expensive corn cob after surgery to remove as it was blocking his bowel, doesn’t show up on x-rays, so beware if you have had cobs and never give them to your dog.

  3. Sue K

    This website makes life worth living! Seriously, when I’m having a bad day, or even just a mediocre one, I come here and THIS is just the kind of post that makes me laugh and think about how wonderful dogs are. 🙂

  4. Bella

    Oh, Puppy. . .we are so glad you are all better. As others have pointed out, you are one lucky pup since corn cobs can do serious damage to your GI system.

  5. nan

    I got a wake-up call one morning because my 50 lb pup decided he was going to puke up a stolen corn cob underneath my bed. He was fine, I had a heart attack!


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