5 Responses to “Oskar the Couch”

    • Regina

      Actually, getting a puppy did totally cure my chewer (one hand-made rug, one cell phone, dozens of other things), but it is a risk. Suppose the puppy just chews along?

  1. Erin Rawls

    I think I have Oskar’s brother. I’m down to just 2 seat cushions on my couch (Patches ate all the back pillows and accent pillows), i have a giant hole in my mattress-on both sides (I tried to flip it to stop the destruction so he just made another hole), and i can’t begin to count how many shoes, pillows, blankets, sheet sets, and library books he’s eaten. Oh yeah, and he had to spend two nights in the animal hospital after he chewed up my albuterol inhaler and sucked in all the steroids (1800 bucks). Good thing they’re cute, right?! 😉


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