6 Responses to “Plant eater”

  1. Andrea

    What a cutey. He can get away with it because he’s so stinkin’ cute! Just be careful… some plants are poisonous to dogs.

  2. Nay

    The beagles are here!! So good to see some shaming from a breed that is one big bundle of mischief and mayhem.

  3. AmyVick

    Hi! What a sweet and funny dog! What breed is he? He looks like our female one but she was a rescue at 6 weeks old and they never found out her breed! she is just as mischievous!

  4. Taylor

    Same here.. we just adopted a guy who looks just like this the plant Eater. Any ideas on what breed?

  5. Lesley

    We have a nine year old half beagle/half jack Russell terrier who looks exactly like this. He is a loving, extremely active, crazy dog who is loved by all. Very busy and will try anything. Very smart and loves to burrow down under the covers. He routinely digs up plants but doesn’t usually eat them. His favorite thing is hunting bees in the yard…lies in wait for long periods of time and just gets stung a couple of times…comes in and rests for less then give minutes and goes right back out. So smart he waits behind his bigger brother (Lab/golden) to push open the door and then makes a break for freedom. Even at nine he outruns his neighbors who are twice as big and a year old. The squirrels are his running buddies.


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