14 Responses to “Wounded Warrior”

  1. mvz76

    Well, I would tell that vet…”never say never…” If a dog wants to eat a T-shirt, it will eat that T-shirt!!

  2. Maureen

    Sorry Tali, but if mom or dad puts a dab of oil of wintergreen on the t-shirt..you won’t eat it!

  3. Barbara

    My pitty was licking her pays until they bled due to allergies. She was wearing a cone but she figured out how to reach her paws, anyway. My vet recommended that I get an inflatable collar from the pet store and use it with her cone. After 3 days I removed the cone. Another 4 days and I removed the collar. I highly recommend the inflatable collar but you do have to take into consideration the size of the dog and the location of the wound.

  4. MariaWB

    My dog got hurt playing with another dog and needed two stitches. Next day, while I napped, she chewed off her shirt – literally, she chewed it AND pulled it off her body! – and then removed both stitches. It was a saturday, so the charge at the vet for two new stitches was double. She chewed out one of the stitches again four days later. She ruined at least four shirts and was finally condemned to the cone of shame 24 hours a day!

  5. Amanda

    My mom has problems with one of her dogs getting hot spots and the other dogs like to help lick them even when she is in the cone of shame. She sprays a little green apple spray on it and everyone leaves it alone, no cone required!


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