15 Responses to “Bad bedtime habits”

  1. Katherine

    My beagle, also Mathilda, has a seriously odd licking habit. Fortunately, she mostly licks HER bed and not mine. 🙂

  2. Meghan

    Our 3 do the same thing. One of them soaked my side so badly last night that I actually got brave enough to sniff it to make sure it wasn’t pee or puke. Ugh.

  3. Nay

    Take it as a compliment, Mum. My eldest beagle boy licks himself clean before bed each night. I like to think he’s doing it for me. Hahahaaaaa

  4. Jennifer

    I have 3 that can’t hold their lickers. Daisey, my long hair dachshund, likes people, my legs mostly, and pillows. My mutt, Mario, licks the sheets, and my chihuahua, Teddy, licks the couch. Weird dogs.

  5. Tiffany

    Our Corgi loves to lick my husband and his side of the bed. Also likes to lick anyone’s legs after a shower.

  6. Eve

    My pup loves to lick me after I’ve put lotion on or washed my hands. Seems to me like she thinks I’ve gotten something on me and she is cleaning me. Loves to lick herself also on my bed!! LOL Gotta love them!

    • Dana

      My hound does the same thing with my hands! He absolutely cannot resist the soap, and the Mrs. Meyer’s lavender hand soap seems to be his favorite. He’s quite the soap connoisseur.


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