7 Responses to “Brian caught an elephant!”

  1. Dawn Sylvester-Dunn

    Oh my goodness! This poor guy is sooo sorry. I’m not saying he wouldn’t do it again in a hot minute, but in the moment he was caught, he was the sorriest dog there ever was! <3 I'd have to forgive him, then hug him and shower him with smooches!

  2. Robert Connon

    How many dogs are loyal and tough enough to kill an elephant that invaded your house and could have severely injured HIS family . This pup should be praised a a HERO.

  3. Victoria

    I am so proud my boy made the website! He has been trying sooo hard to get on…. eating pot plants, spreading expensive mineral supplements meant for my horse all over the yard and eating the grocery shopping. I will tell him he can stop now.


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