6 Responses to “Bullied big brother, Bruce”

  1. my 4 dogs♡

    ….some dogs are just good natured..and just take the bullying as fun. Happens all the time here with my olde English bulldog puppy (that’s 100 lbs)… and our little (but older) Basset. The Basset bullies the bulldog..takes his toys…bones…he loves her though. He’s very sweet. She is too. ♥
    Your dogs are adorable!

  2. SillyBlackDog

    Rudy can relate to poor Bruce; he is constantly bullied by his little sister Lexie (both are Labradors)! She takes his toys, beats him up, and pushes him out of his food or away from his human family. He is very good natured and lets her walk all over him. They are best buds!!

  3. jennifer

    My pit bull (a bif softy) gets bossed around by our 1 year old kitty. They are, bffs. Sometimes, the stigma is meaner than the breed.


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