47 Responses to “Caption contest reminder – Week Five!”

  1. Scott

    (dog on the left) “I love wearing reindeer antlers!”

    (dog on the right) “I’m with Stupid.”

  2. Nigel Hercus

    Left: I peed on all the presents!
    Right: I peed when my parents were scolding my brother!

  3. Chris Joseph

    Left Dog: Smile big for Santa!
    Right Dog: Maybe he won’t notice the dead mouse by my tail?

  4. Leslin

    Dog on Left: “Yayyy!!! I am a Reindeer!!!!”
    Dog on Right: “So says Mr Split Personality..”

  5. Amanda

    (Left) SANTA’s COMING!!
    (Right) Santa can I has lots of bones I’ve been good dis year. I even caught yew a present!

  6. Cat D.

    Left – “HaHa…. They put antlers in you!!!”
    Right – “Dude, have you looked in the mirror?!?”

  7. JD

    Left: I Peed on the tree, to make it mine!
    Right: Oooh, you are suppose to pee on it…? Whoops, my bad.

    • Lynnann Droney

      Left Dog – Yes Santa….I was a good dog this year!
      Right Dog – Oh NO!…..guess I’m not getting anything!

  8. Annie

    Right Dog: *loud sigh* He thinks he’s a *reindeer*…
    Left Dog: Wait, what do you mean “thinks”?!

  9. Sam

    Left doggie: Now I can get away with eating the cat poo because they think I look adorable with these antlers!
    Right dog: I wonder if they put these on me because they know I ate the cat poo.

  10. Karl Brady

    Dog on left: I told you reindeer poop doesn’t taste good.

    Dog on right: He did not. He said it tastes like steak.

  11. Sherrie Porter

    Dog on left: “I’ve been totally good this year!”
    Dog on right: “Ruh Roh”

  12. Bethany

    Dog on left “haha! Mom will never find her new diamond ring now” dog on right “mom, I swear I told him not too.”

  13. Bailejo

    Left: Hi! We’re Santa’s reindeer! It’s our job to collect the food you left for him under the tree…
    Right: We’ll take it right back for him honest!

  14. Anna

    Left: Wazzup Santa! Can I pull your sleigh?
    Right: Dude, that’s just dad with a fake beard!

  15. Eve

    Dog on Left: Yipee!!! Santa is on his way!!!!
    Dog on the Right: I’m just playing along with him as he still believes!

  16. D.Jo

    Dog on left: Santa told us we can’t pull his sleigh tonight
    Dog on right: We are so ashamed

  17. Chris

    Dog on left: “Dog shaming? No way, I look majestic” Dog on right: “Speak for yourself”

  18. Jenny Margaros

    Dog on Right What happened to “not even a mouse”?
    Dog on Left: Not in this house. 😀

  19. Deborah Russell

    Left: yayayayay! I love Christmas! Toys! Food! Company!
    Right: These antlers make me look fat.

  20. Teresa

    Lester: We were so busy posing for this picture that we neglected to notice the mouse that snuck in by Chester’s tail. Oh well, It’s the cat’s problem now…

    Chester: Mouse? What Mouse?

  21. Terry Soszynski

    Left: ‘Smile, we gotta do this in one take.then take off…there’s a mouse behind you!’
    Right: ‘Yikes! Can’t smile, looking silly & for Santa & want to scream Eeeekkk….’

  22. Melissa

    Left: Act natural so they don’t take that cool toy away that we caught
    Right: Nothing to see here

  23. Sonia Wise

    Left “Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolf , Cupid, Stupid & Stupider!”
    Right “Bah Humbug!”


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