297 Responses to “Caption Contest: Week 4!”

  1. Juls

    Um, it’s a REINDEER GAME! Yeah, that’s it – it’s a *game*. OK, Rudolph, your turn. Rudy….? Buddy…?

  2. sweetkeet

    Uh oh… we sure knocked the stuffing out of that guy! When Mom comes home, she’ll knock the stuffing out of us!

  3. Lynne Webster

    Oops I didn’t realise you had a cold – I thought you said it was “Rudolph the dead nose reindeer”!

  4. Barb Tracy

    Remember in our Christmas letter to tell Santa how we’ve been extra good this year!!

  5. Megan

    We are sorry we failed you Rudolph. We tried to save you but the other Reindeer took their bullying way to far. This is a sad day indeed.

  6. Michael Zellweger

    “And this reindeer came down the chimney over there. At first, they were just laughing and calling him names – then things got ugly…”

  7. Susanne

    We are gathered here today to honor the life and memory of Rudy. Death has come to him as it does to all our beloved stuffed friends.

  8. j.

    We saw mommy kissing Santa Claus – so we took out his GPS system! He won’t be able to find his way back to do THAT again!

  9. Josh

    Tell the rest of the reindeer that this is how we treat your pagan holiday traditions in Amish Country.

  10. k.rosiny.

    …so then i says to the the cat,….i says,….’NO!DON’T DO IT!’….yeah.yeah.that’s what he say’s…..

  11. Terry Soszynski

    Do you hear Santa coming??? Hurry, he checked the list once…hide it so he can’t check it again!

  12. jerry

    dude here comes santa quick hide the dead reindeer and pretend he stuffing is snow or we aint gonna get any presents

  13. Gayle C

    On the second day of Xmas my true love gave to me…..2 rudolph murdering Boston Terriers

  14. Deborah Russell

    Olive, the other reindeer, paid us a lot milkbones to make sure she gets a chance to lead Santa’s sleigh.

  15. CJ Riley

    He made fun of her underbite. I had to defend her honor. Just bein’ chivalrous, thank you.

  16. Ashley Jensen

    All of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names…so we put him out of his misery.

  17. Kathleen Pierre

    Up on the rooftop there arose such a clatter… we just didn’t want him to wake you up!

  18. Ellen

    You didn’t share any stuffing at Thanksgiving, so we decided to find our own for Christmas!

  19. Maisy's Mom

    ♪♪♪♪ Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer had a very shiny nose and if you ever saw it, you would chew him full of holes! ♪♪♪♪♪

  20. Nicole F.

    “Fredo, you’re my older brother, and I love you. But don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family again. Ever.”

  21. Sarah

    We ate Dasher and Dancer, chewed up Prancer and Vixen,
    destroyed Comet and Cupid, annihilated Donner and Blitzen,
    But do you recall?
    The tastiest reindeer of all?????

  22. Tammy McBride

    Uh, we’re not comfortable with flying reindeer…we saw that nose and it glowed! Not anymore…ha ha ha!

  23. Beth

    Guess Santa can’t fly with Rudolph in ICU…looks like we get ALL the presents on his sleigh!!

  24. Colette Foster

    “The neighbor’s dog…….you know the one, we think his name is “Not Me”, Yeah, well, he was over this afternoon…..We, we tried to stop him……he was too fast and too quick for us…….”

  25. Brenna Lile

    “Hurry, hide the body with the others!”
    Dasher X
    Dancer X
    Prancer X
    Vixen X
    Comet X
    Cupid X
    Donner X
    Blitzen X
    Rudolph …..

  26. Jessica Sutton

    We got Rudolph…no need to worry about fat men in suits coming in the middle of the night…

  27. Renee Catherine

    Dear Santa,
    Can we please have a sewing machine instead of a bone? We really didn’t know it was Rudolph until it was too late!

  28. Doreen Hinton

    How many times do I have to tell you??! I will NOT write a letter to Santa for you because THERE IS NO SANTA!

  29. Kim Mc

    GREAT!!!! You killed Santa’s driver!! How are we going to get the new treats now, huh?? The nerve…….I’m so ashamed of you. Oh, and I am not cleaning that up!

  30. Jonglai

    We were under the mistletoe… one thing led to another.. then he squeaked! It all happened so fast.

  31. Anika B

    Rudolph was going to tell Santa Paws on us… we took care of care of him… and then mom found us before we could hide the evidence… now Christmas is never coming.

  32. Christa

    You mean the reindeer on the roof wasn’t trying break in and steal all our toys?! He came with a gang!

  33. Lynnea

    We ate Santa’s sleigh leader! Now we are on the naughty list for sure…Unless Dasher is looking for a nose job?

  34. Lynn

    “I told you just to rough him up a bit, not kill him! We can’t write a ransom note now!”

  35. Sophie

    Look at that damn cat, laughing at us from behind the Christmas tree. We get blamed for everything in this house. Maybe this year the Christmas tree falls on him.

  36. Matt

    Let’s be honest, he was a little full of himself, don’t you think? What with the song and the cartoon and the lawn ornaments. We just made him a little less, ya know, FULL! You’re welcome.

  37. Mike

    Ok, we know what your thinking, but he started it. You gotta stop bringing home crazy toys. We’re just glad everybody is ok…except him…

    …I have to poop.

  38. Louise Panella

    You went and abandon us for hours christmas shopping and we got hungry. So we used are initiative and thought we’d have venison for lunch…instead we got fake snow. Opps! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  39. Donna Hartwiger

    He wouldn’t let us join in any reindeer games, so we started our own! Who’s next?

  40. Renee

    Quick, their coming, no time to run….act natural, don’t even look at it so they won’t think we know anything about it.

  41. Lynn Armes

    Who??? Us…dogs?? Ashamed?? Not!…Rudolph’s the one who’s popped…uhhhh, we mean pooped all over the place! Sorry! (Not really sorry!)

  42. sheri woods

    Look out Donner and Blitzen, you’re next!

    btw..loooove the sight! Good luck with the baby! Congrats!

  43. wendy

    Uh oh! Santa’s giving us the “evil eye” ’cause we knocked the stuffing out of his lead reindeer.

  44. Diane Celesky

    “I ripped open the bag of Christmas presents.”
    “I pooped on the Christmas presents.”

  45. Debbie

    What reindeer? Where? Do you see any reindeer, Buddy? Lay off the “Christmas Cheer”, Ma!

  46. Lisa Heinrich

    Rudolf posted that we were on the naughty on his facebook page… We de-friended him. (and de-stuffed him)

  47. Cyndi

    We figured out why Rudolf’s nose glowed!!!! He was filled with all this white stuff! Soooooo, we fixed it for him! Make sure to tell Santa how good and HELPFUL we have been this year. Ok, Mom. Mom? Momma? Mommy?

  48. Bryan Roesle

    Now there’s an opening on Santa’s sleigh-pulling team. Do you think he’ll notice we don’t have horns?

  49. Allison Leonard

    His Reindeer Games were getting a bit out of control – and then when his light started glowing…. it was more than we could take

  50. Elisa

    We were playing Operation, but Rudolph’s nose just wouldn’t light up. He tragically didn’t make it through the procedure.


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