9 Responses to “Cat box buffet”

    • LC

      we have a cat and 3 Chihuahuas who enjoy a tootise roll treat whenever possible. the long hair would have litter on his lips (nasty boy) anyways the litter box is now in the second bathroom’s tub. problem solved…..i believe the dogs have lost some weight…

  1. Mimi

    This is why I can’t have a cat. I have two Chihuahuas that love to eat poop. And I can always tell because they smack their lips like they’ve just had the finest prime rib…

  2. catie

    Ick, I haaate it when my mom’s dog does that. He thinks they are treats from the gods lol

  3. Molly

    I blocked a door way in our basement with a piece of card board. Our cat can easily jump over to get to her litter box, and our 2 dogs are not bright enough to know that they could knock that cardboard over. Lol


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