12 Responses to “Destruction of currency”

  1. Ferne Harasimiw

    That’s ok pup. They have tape don’t they? And if you see that look on their face, blame the cat next-door. Lol. You go get a hug, and a treat for that. You cutie.

    • Nathaniel

      Two bucks is also not enough to be considered “destruction of currency” unless it is posted *oops* guess the fbi is holding the dog at gunpoint.


    Don’t worry little tyke,
    Federal Officials get away with it every day and they don’t go to jail.
    Besides, they don’t make paw-cuff’s that small !

  3. Sarah Wheeler

    I also have a Beagle, dont be fooled by the cute face, they are little monkeys and use the big eyes to get away with murder (It works every time) 🙂

  4. Canyon and Ridge's servant

    OMG if you are giving her up I’ll take her! I guess that’s why in Canada we have loonies.


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