12 Responses to “Do you have any hair left?”

  1. dee

    Yep, I totally get this. We finally bought a beige duvet cover so the dog hair would blend a little better. Who knew a Chihuahua could shed her body weight overnight over and over and over and still have hair?

    • Susan Fairforest

      My dog sheds all over me. Then wherever I go I shed her hair onto everyone and everything nearby me. Since her hairs are short and as fine as silk thread, it is impossible to remove them all because they poke into things like a needle. Even washing the clothes doesn’t always remove her hairs. Sometimes I think she sits on my lap so she can make me her personal lint remover.

  2. george

    Treeing walker coonhound….. that’s nothing. I could spin enough yarn to knit a sweater and some socks every year. It was actually an inch thick behind the bed. Like new carpet….
    You’d think she would run out at some point, but it just keeps on coming….

    • Dana

      Haha – that’s what I always threaten to do with our Walker hair too – make a sweater! He has relatively short hair so my husband and I had no idea that we would keep finding clouds of hair along molding, etc.

  3. Sadie Powell

    Sometimes, especially after I get a pedicure, I get a dog hair splinter in my foot. Those hurt so bad, everything comes to a stand-still until I can whip off the sock and find that little bugger!!

    • george

      I got two of those! I had no idea you could jam a haiur into the thick skin of you foot! That’s insane isn’t it? I didn’t know what it was until I put it under a magnifier. I never heard of this.

  4. Muffy's Mum

    And that is why my Cavalier isn’t allowed on my bed! (That and she did a wee all over the bed the first 2 times she jumped on the bed!)

  5. Sue

    I have that same duvet cover!! And, sadly, the same amount of dog hair, thanks to a lovable bully.


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