10 Responses to “Doggy Doorbell”

  1. Eve

    We also have a doggy doorbell at this house! Nobody is excluded too. Even people walking on the sidewalk in front of our house! She also lets me know when the neighbors are out and about. LOL!!

    • Linda Mauricio

      I have two doggy doorbells. The corgi barks at anyone who passes by and/or comes to the door and the pom just screams at the top of her little pm lungs.

  2. Juls

    I call Bear (my lab/chow mix) my “early warning system”. Visitors, cats, squirrels, other dogs, UPS guys delivering down the street, even my elderly neighbor riding on his hoveround … Bear has a unique bark for each category, so I know from my couch who is passing by. No one ever needs to ring the bell.

  3. catie

    My Min Pin thinks it’s neccessary to alert me to every sound and sight outside the house. Even in the middle of night! More than once he has waken me up via barking, both times I thought I was gonna wet myself!


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