13 Responses to “Good news, I made myself a bed…”

  1. leanna

    oh dear!!!! lol….well, hopefully you can stitch it up and just turn it over so no one will notice ????

  2. waterrollsuphill

    Good job. My foster brother Nanook and I decided that the two legged kids must have left their snacks inside the couch cushions. We tore that piece of the sectional up, but never found the snacks. Dad was not happy. Imagine our feelings – no snacks AND we had a kennel time out. – Dexter (also a dapple dachshund)

  3. Jay Gus

    The best bed ever! Maybe he looks a little ashamed but Simon should be proud of the GENIUS of it all!

  4. Maria

    It’s the second time you show us this doggie. You put his photo up again a few weeks ago.


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