16 Responses to “Hairdresser in training”

  1. pene

    Now you know why groomers charge so much! Not an easy job! Super cute Heidi, even with a funny haircut 🙂

  2. Kelley

    I did this to my pom once! She wasn’t fussy, but I tried to give her a summer cut with scissors. When the groomer “fixed” it, my pom was practically pink because her hair was so short (and mine is white with sable patches).

  3. Lopez and Matia's Mom

    Hope that right ear is just laying down. I cut my Portuguese Water dogs hair all the time but the first few times he looked a little funny.

  4. Lois

    I have an Old English and a Border Collie that I shave all the time………They will not let me comb them so they get buzzed during the summer months. If they get to worked up, I just muzzle them and continue with the buzz cut!

  5. kira

    rotflmao…my dog flails her legs while i’m using the clippers. she’s had bald spots in the past

    • Kaila

      I get those all the time too. Mostly it’s over “plucked” eyebrows, but sometimes people get very creative 😉


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