12 Responses to “I will ruin your couch cushions”

  1. dvp

    I can think of a lot worse ways for a dog could ruin the couch cushions! The pic made me laugh out loud.

    • Jane

      Only those of us with dogs would pick the dog over nice furniture!! A spotless house? Nah…..too lonely without them in the family!


    It’s a small price to pay to be comfy and cozy.
    On second thought,

  3. Liz

    So darn cute. Totally agree, 10x worth the cushion. It’s like he’s thinking “I know you like to sit on these but they make such great nests, right?” Bless.

  4. Chelsea

    Totally! From this photo, it doesn’t even look like they need a new cushion, just sew it back up and turn it around if the seam is too visible! (Or better yet, add a zipper or velcro so they can open it back up when doggy wants to snuggle inside again!

  5. Kiki

    aaah, what a cutie – it’s in a Dachsie’s genes – they HAVE to dig and burrow – I wd prefer a ruined cushion anytime to the angst and costs we had when our Tiggie got stuck in rabbit warrens in the forest – you know Nice sofa cushions are highly overrated!

    • Barbara Orsini

      I think he is adorable and he is my grand puppy he was only trying to keep it ward for mommy and daddy


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