12 Responses to “Is she even a dog?”

  1. Stacie

    that too funny! My St. Bernard was the same way. If he saw we going to right out the front door (indicating we getting in the car) he was all energy. If we went to the left out the front door, (indicating we were going for a WALK,) he would just lay down and we were done before we got 1/2 way across the front yard. You don’t move a 180 lb dog that doesn’t want to. Throw a ball, he’d just look at you like “you go get it”. and yes…..don’t even think about swimming. I feel ya. Your pic made me smile today – thanks!

  2. Myself Laura Kozin

    She looks like a sweet, mature woman, entitled to be more sedate about her pleasures. I’ll bet she does like brushing & belly scratches! 🙂

  3. Spider's mum

    Ha ha! We have a cat so bad at cat stuff we suspect he is actually a spy from the Lizard Planet. Maybe the Lizard People got Jordyn’s wiring wrong, too. Who cares? She looks happy enough.

  4. BigDogLove

    Yep, we had a golden like that too. She was happy just lying around all day and staring out the window. Forget about normal dog stuff… she even hated all toys.

  5. Grumpy

    Got yourself a defective Golden right there. Better take her to the vet and see what’s going on. She is doing the exact opposite of what her breed naturally does.


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