8 Responses to “Maybe it’ll be a fancy snack one day”

  1. Andrea

    Bobcats?? Where do y’all live? I love his darling face…. he’s thinking how plain, old litter box cat poop is not good enough for him. He has to go for the good stuff!!!

  2. Andrea

    oops, my apologies to Jennie. I called you a “he” when you are clearly a girl!! Forgive me.

  3. catie

    Omg, this definitely made me lol. I guess to a dog it doesn’t matter what kind of cat it is, their poop must be devoured!

  4. Alice Ramirez

    Better she eats bobcat poop than her master’s Kopi Luwak coffee @ apx $160 a pound! I have never understood why dogs adore eating catpoo, but they do and, after all, a bobcat is still a cat!


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