11 Responses to “Mom, the enabler.”

  1. Jennifer

    My wirehair doxie, Luigi, hates it when my brother and I play fight. He tries to get in the mix and he barks in the face of the person getting beat up on, not the person doing the beating. It’s pretty funny.

    • Adrian

      My Lhasa does the same thing when my brother “attacks” me. I always get nipped on the tushie.

  2. catie

    Aww, my mom’s Rotti mix, Belle, used to howl when people hugged. It was so sweet lol she was a big baby 🙂

  3. Bowsers Mum

    My pup has been known to jump up at out backs in the past but he’s getting into a big boy now so has been put into his place in no uncertain terms. Daddy mummy smooching time is not for him to get overexcited during

  4. Liz Baz

    That’s my little boy Buttons!! I was so happy to see his picture up there..YAY!! Mommy loves you… tee hee


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