13 Responses to “Springer Spaniels + exotic birds = bad news”

  1. Sue Roberts-Kurpis

    Several years ago, a firend who owns exotic birds thought it was cute to tease my rotts with the bird on his shoulder. Unfortunately, the dogs thought it was more fun to turn the bird into a game of touch football. The dogs had great fun but it didn’t turn out well for the bird. Ask the neighbors to keep the birds in or keep the dog on a leash while visiting.

    • Sandy Robinson

      You must not have read it all the way thru. They didn’t know there were exotic birds next door; otherwise the dog would have been on a leash.


      Believe me,their is no big deal here.
      What would he actually do once caught one, bring it home and tickle its feet all day ?

  2. Toni

    I don’t think there is anything for the dog to be ashamed of. He did what comes naturally to him. He is a beauty though.

  3. Woody

    Poor Wallace, he can’t help himself. It’s in his DNA. My normally well behaved Cocker loses her mind at the sight of birds & squirrels. She actually caught a squirrel once, but then didn’t know what to do next. She was so pleased with herself
    that she did that happy Spaniel “huff, huff” for the rest of the day.

    • CJ

      The “huff huff” sound = perfect! I’ve had two Springers now and I never realized it’s a sound all spaniels make! (My first Springer knew exactly what to do when he caught squirrels & pigeons–the difficulty was getting him to drop his trophies. The current one is still working on the catching part….)

  4. scubageek17

    Aww what a sweetie. For some breeds of dogs, I guess it’s just in their blood. I have a certain wire haired fox terrier mix who is no longer allowed at the beach off leash because she jumps in the water and catches (yes catches) fish… I discovered this rare talent when I was sunbathing and she proudly dumped a live catfish on my face (spine side up, luckily!) For what it’s worth, Wallace looks awfully sorry for not listening to you (or at least, sorry that he is being shamed into wearing a sign? 🙂 )


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