8 Responses to “That’s why we say he’s “Mal-adjusted””

  1. Virginia Bryant

    Fargo, your folks need baby locks on their dresser drawers, closets and clothes hamper.

  2. george

    I don’t know… given the chance, I’d probably eat women’s underwear too. So don’t feel too bad Fargo! At least cotton would be easier to digest than nylon….

  3. Elizabeth

    I know this dog. He has no shame, so really, there is no need to worry about embarrassing hi with specificity.

  4. Jan Nunley

    And we didn’t even mention the couch and loveseat pillows and seat-covers, the Jacquard throws, the expensive six-point Hudson’s Bay wedding blanket, the heirloom quilts…

  5. Gale Burke

    This is for Fargo’s owners. I have his twin! Before he was the age of 5 he had surgery for a blockage in his colon from a nylon cover for a sponge. A few months later he had an endoscopy for taking the plastic cover from ground beef right out of my hand and swallowing it whole. Then a little while later another endoscopy because I was missing a kitchen towel. He ate it whole.The first surgery (emergency, of course) was almost $3200, each endoscopy was $700. I got smart and got pet insurance. The last endoscopy only ended up costing me $60.00. This does not include all the other things he’s eaten and thrown up about 7-10 days later.


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