14 Responses to “This ain’t no salad bar!”

  1. IS

    I have a small dog that does that too, and here’s how I fixed it for good: I bought a large plastic storage bin for about $10 at a box store. Line bin with newspaper, set litter tray in box. Cats can jump in, little dog cannot. End of problem!

  2. Smash Lynn

    My parents make fun of me because I don’t allow any of our dogs to give me kisses…. one day as my stepdad was laughing at me for telling my jack Russell “no kisses jazzy, no kisses” my puggle come in and give him a big sloppy kiss, after I just watched him eat his own poop

  3. brooke

    Sprinkle unflavored meat tenderizer on the cat’s food for a couple of days. The cats can’t tell and it doesn’t hurt them. The dog will snack once or twice at the litter box and NEVER go back. Apparently, the tenderizer makes cat poop taste awful. The dog learns his or her lesson very quickly.

    • Lily H

      I will have to try this. One of the very first things my dog did when he came to our house as an 8 wk old puppy was to steal “treats” from the litter box, and nothing we’ve tried has trained him out of it since (a year and a half later).

  4. Crazy Cat Lady

    Every dog who ever visited my house made a beeline for the catboxes and ate the cat tootsie-rolls with great relish. Every time I see an ad for “gourmet dog food” I want to laugh hysterically.


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