4 Responses to “Wait, this isn’t how you plug it in?”

  1. Amanda

    Oh my gosh my Yorkie, Muscles, when he was a puppy he literally was left alone in my room for two seconds and chewed my laptop cord, and my mom’s laptop cord. He then tried it again one day because my mother let him out not thinking about cords and he tried to bite another one except this time it shocked him and he hasn’t chewed a cord or anything for that matter since, Except he now digs holes in our carpet.

  2. joyce

    OMG! I have to comment about the dogs name! You have Goose, I have a lab named Duck! LOL. People look at me like I am crazy sometimes when I tell them his name!! And our puppy lab Cabela ate our computer cord as well!

  3. Gerri

    OMG! He looks like my Levi who chewed on a fan cord – while it was plugged in and ON. He jumped about 3 feet on that one. He also loves the orange outdoor extension cords. I think it is the rubber coating. His favorite toys are hard rubber ones he chews and chews on. Goose is adorable!!! Just keep the cords away from him.


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