22 Responses to “A little Friday happy”

  1. goldphishie

    Sweet happy baby! Good job, with the ears and the smiles and the loves. I’d stick around for you too!

  2. leanna

    Congratulations to both You and Your Mom! So happy that you beat Cancer…I am 6 years out as well!! And I love my dogs (and cats) they make me smile every day! Thank you for sharing your baby!!!!

  3. Maureen

    That’s wonderful! The power of the love of an animal!! I’m a colon cancer survivor also…so you go!!!

  4. kris

    Congrats on winning your fight! My 15 year old daughter beat thyroid cancer. Doggie friends make all the difference. yours looks like a sweetheart!

  5. Kerry

    The power of doggy love. I am a breast cancer survivor and greatly attribute my survival to my lab. The day I was diagnosed he started sleeping on my bed. If I wasn’t in bed by 9.30pm he would start bugging me, to make sure I got sleep. When I was given the all clear he went back to sleeping in his own bed.

    • Ellen

      That is am amazing story of love and connection. Thank you for sharing and god bless you both!

  6. A J

    I’m 4 months in remission and feeling really positive. 🙂 My 2 woofers, my 14 yr old puss bags and my amazing family have carried and cuddled me through the last 11 months. An animals unconditional, absolute love, faith and trust is a powerful, wonderful thing. 🙂

  7. Leslin

    This post gave me happy tears.. so heartwarming.. please give your doggie a great big hug for me :-* 🙂

  8. Hazel Brown

    Congratulations! So happy to hear a happy survival story! Long live you and this beautiful, beautiful furbaby!


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