5 Responses to “Attention Hound Ginger”

  1. J Jacobs

    My mom’s female Chihuahuas is just like this. Whenever her brother Juan is getting attention, she body-checks him aside and takes it for herself.

  2. andycanuck

    The vizsla a co-worker kept at the office during the day shift was like that too; whenever anyone else brought their dog in for the day, he’d try to monopolize affection. (Except for a brindled boxer that he didn’t mind sharing attention with probably out of fear—not that there were ever any fighting problems.)

  3. Brandi

    Makes me feel better that my Mazie isn’t the only one who does this. She will head butt her sister, Maggie, out of the way – completely roll her over

  4. Jamie Smolinski

    How could you pet another dog with a face like that??? LOL! My dominant female redbone coonhound does this to her english pointer brother every day when I get home from work. She will body slam him out of the way if I dare pet him first!


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