6 Responses to “Bucky the skunky”

  1. catie

    Nooo! My mom’s dog was sprayed at 2am in Spring (2013) and the smell didn’t go away for several months! You can still smell a hint of it when he gets wet.

    • elswank

      Catie, your mom needs to wash the dog in tomato juice/sauce and/or vinegar. It works.

  2. Keith

    go to a tractor supply and get something called skunk rid. it is a white bottle with red letters, works like a charm. my dog got sprayed twice in a month and the residual smell when he gets wet was completely gone in a short time.

  3. Grumpy

    Tooooo ferocious! He scared the stink right out of that skunk!

    You need to praise your mighty knight for his valiant defense of the kingdom!


    He is a Mighty Warrior and Proudly wears the stench of his accomplishments as a warning to future Foe’s.


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