10 Responses to “Busted Barfing Beagle”

    • Not Alone

      I’d rather him eat it real quick than gag while using 20 paper towels to wipe it up.

      • Shawn

        I’m glad I’m not the only one to think that! And luckily my dogs are NOT the kissy types so I don’t have that worry of eating barf and then kissing me…..bleck! lol

  1. Kris Israel

    our beagle does that too… he drinks from the big dog bowl and then pukes into the water dish cause it’s too high and hits a certain spot on his neck when he tries to drink from it… ridiculous!

    • Annie

      I I bet if your dog could, he would lower his bowl so he could reach his water safely and comfortably. Maybe you could help him? Ridiculous to make him suffer.


    Nothing better than eating a fresh batch of “Barf-A-Ronni !
    Yummy, yummy, barf back in the tummy.

  3. Canyon and Ridge's servant

    I used to have a dog and cat team that worked perfectly from my point of view. I’d hear the cats hacking in the middle of the night but in the morning couldn’t find anything. Took me awhile to realize what the cats would barf the dog would clean up.

  4. Dénise Le Grand

    Be happy he eats it ’cause it means he’s feeling good but he just ate too fast.
    When a dog is not eating his/her own vomit it means the dog isn’t feeling so well.


    His face looks like he’s going to hurl again, for demonstration purposes of course !


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