16 Responses to “Care Bear Stare!!”

  1. Nicole

    Love it! My dog would always steal food from the counters when I wasn’t home and then BURY the evidence in the backyard! Gardening was always an adventure finding bread bags, chip bags, coffee bags! You name it! Loved the lil devil though…guess he just didn’t agree to his ‘diet’, big oaf. 🙂

  2. Gerri

    My Levi ate half a cake – he pulled the tablecloth so the pan was at the edge of the table. By that time he couldn’t pull the tablecloth any further, so he could only get to half of it! They love anything we do!

  3. Shawna

    What kind of dog is he? He looks just like my boyfriends dog and we have no idea what he is!!! Please help us!! He wants another one!

  4. tracy

    My Tasha looked just like Duke. She was a husky shepard mix and an absolute sweetheart. We recently had to put her down and miss her everyday.

  5. Anne

    As Duke’s mom, I will say that had he been able to reach the other half, he would have eaten that too… Once I confronted him, he wasn’t even close to bring sorry… He’s a bum. That cake took me forever, and I had to make it twice!

  6. Anne

    As for the folks that were curious about Duke’s breed… He is the beautiful product of an AKC registered Siberian Husky (dad) and an AKC registered Yellow Lab (mom). Duke and his sister (Chloe) were the only survivors from a litter of 9, and we almost lost him as a puppy when he swallowed an entire ear of corn. Had to have it surgically removed, but he’s a fighter and just celebrated his 9th bday.

    • Shawna

      My boyfriends dog Bud weighs 22 lbs. the reason I’m so interested in finding out what breed your pup is because Bud is 16 years old. My boyfriend won’t even consider another puppy after Bud passes unless it’s a very similar dog!


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