6 Responses to “Chomp!!”

  1. Gen

    well hey!! it looks like my boy Machi has a not so long lost twin…in looks as well as taste of inedible things! Good luck Mom & Dad you’re going to need it to withstand those adorable shifty eyes & ravenous gut 🙂

  2. my 4 dogs♡

    This made me laugh! Our house is full of baby gates. It’s actually embarrassing because guests stand there for 5 minutes fidgeting around trying to open one…then another. ……..

  3. Grumpy

    That’s the yeah i did it and i’ll do it again mug shot.

    Just hope he doesn’t figure out that he can jump the gate.

  4. Canyon and Ridge's servant

    Had the same experience – discovered when I moved that someone had been busy under my bed demolishing the box spring.

  5. quantakiran

    my muttsicle had shiftier eyes if you can believe it! always looking at me from the corner of his eyes if he was getting a scolding!


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