6 Responses to “Foot Fetish”

  1. SuzeHube

    Beautiful hound! Mine would like her elbows! The vet said some hounds just get hooked on licking. Love that sweet baby!

  2. NPM

    The editor is correct. The most common food allergy is to corn. Switch to agood, grain-free kibble and you won’t regret it. Not only did the toe-licking cease for my ne dog, but both dogs ended up with the shiniest, silkiest hair. Bonus: firmer, more compact stool.

  3. Emily

    Allergies for my pup too! Fish and potato kibble did the trick and now we don’t get infections between his toes!


    Malaket wipes after going outside, work like a charm on sensitive boxer-dog toes.

  5. J

    As an animal nutritionist I agree with trying a different diet, though it doesn’t necessarily have to be grain free, but you do want to pay attention to what grains are used and where they fall in the ingredient list. In any case, just be sure to do a gradual change to avoid digestive upset.


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