10 Responses to “Give a hoot, pick up your (dog’s) poop!”

  1. Mary Saunders Martorella

    I have doggy bags that I pick up my dog’s poop with. It’s amazing, though, how many do not clean up after their dog. I got yelled at by a homeowner until she saw I was in the process of picking up after my dog.

  2. Susan

    May I print this out to put on the community bulletin board? My dog is a poop eating b/c the neighbors don’t clean up.

  3. Milos mom

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have the same fight with our Puggle Milo. He is a poop eating machine! Unfortunately for him the people who don’t pick up poo also don’t always treat their dogs for worms. We have had two separate cases of worms. I have come to the conclusion that people suck! My Milo is 10 years old and oh my does he move like lightening to snatch the treats up.

    • Stephanie

      My dog got giardia this way. Lovely and inexpensive to treat, not! I cannot unsee that.

  4. Jennifer

    This is so true. I don’t know what kind of person thinks it’s someone else’s responsibility to clean up their dog’s poop. Secondly, the person most likely to step in other dog’s poop are other dog walkers! Disgusting! Of course, we’re probably preaching to the choir here.

  5. Annie

    There is a special circle of hell reserved for people who don’t clean up after their dogs! Drives me CRAZY. My neighborhood is really dog-heavy and I swear that at least half of them are poo-leavers. Jerks!

  6. Gerri

    I pick up my dog’s poop. Not real fun in -7 degree temps to take my mittens off to try to tie a knot in those small bags! My trash can every week has all these little bags in the bottom, then my trash bag, then on the very top, the cat’s litter bag. Feeling sorry for my trash collector.

  7. Canyon and Ridge's servant

    Canyon doesn’t eat other dog’s poop but cat poop, bird poop, whatever-that-came-out-of poop. Oh yeah, all over it. Sigh. Then he wants to give kisses and snuggle. Right now he’s imploring me to go out in -20 C weather AGAIN in two hours because of a nice treat he snatched up yesterday. Good thing he’s cute.


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