9 Responses to “I bark and bark and bark…”

  1. Maury

    At least Tippy stops barking when you yell. My Austen just looks at me and keeps barking!

  2. catie

    Yeah, my Min Pin loves barking. Luckily he usually stops when squirted with the water bottle!

  3. Michelle

    At least he stops when you yell at him. Toby, my mini dachshund, has to have the last “bark” and will continue barking long after being told to stop. It is like arguing with a child. He will whisper a woof if he has to!!

  4. Lydia Lozano

    Have you figured out what he is trying to tell you? Squirrels? Intruders? Fleas? Odious neighbors? No water in his dish? Not enough regular attention? Fear of those stairs? (that was my little dog’s issue) What reward does he get when he barks? When he doesn’t bark?


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